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Your Job Title is Holding You Back

You are an email marketing rock star. Your mobile-optimized, dynamic, content-driven, highly segmented email marketing chops are legendary. Your ability to compile performance metrics from your ESP, web analytics vendor and in-box monitoring solution-du-jour will echo through the ages. You are a strategic deity whose bust will line the halls of email marketing Valhalla. So…… Read More


1. What is Smarter Remarketer? Smarter Remarketer was developed in early 2010 to leverage the power of behavioral data and to give retailers the ability to access and act on that data to better serve their customers and improve business performance. At Smarter Remarketer, we work with top 1,000 online retailers to build clear pictures… Read More

Overheard at eTail

It’s been a few weeks since the eTail West conference in Palm Springs and we’ve finally been able to catch our breath! It was extremely beneficial to connect with attendees and share information about Smarter Remarketer. It was also insightful to hear about the challenges retailers are having across their sales channels, marketing efforts, and… Read More

Google Analytics

How does Smarter Remarketer work with Google Analytics? Smarter Remarketer works with most web analytics technology, including Google Analytics–leveraging your campaign data, on-site data, product, category interactions, purchase data, even custom events in ways never before possible. We combine Google Analytics data with our own on-site “experience” collection script and models to provide industry leading… Read More

Top Tier ESPs

What are the supported email marketing platforms? We extend the value of all top tier email service providers including: Bronto ExactTarget BlueHornet Experian CheetahMail Exploring integrations with MailChimp, Responsys, Silverpop, StrongMail, and many others (contact us for more information) How will Smarter Remarketer work with my current ESP? Smarter Remarketer is not an ESP; it… Read More

Easier Use

Build the sophisticated segments you’ve always wanted with point and click ease. Best of all, we integrate seamlessly with most ESPs. Smarter Remarketer was designed for marketers, not IT people. It’s simple to learn and implement. Best of all it integrates seamlessly with your existing analytics tools and email systems, so it’s: Fast to implement.… Read More

Wider Scope

We reach further up the sales funnel to collect volumes of data from your website visitors, as well as from your order management system, email service provider (ESP), analytics packages, and other third party providers. And it’s not just the data we collect. It’s the data we create. No other tool digs as deeply as… Read More

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  • Smarter Remarketer is beneficial for our clients regardless of industry because of their unique ability to identify and categorize shoppers up funnel. Our clients not only benefit from reaching a larger percentage of shoppers on their site, they are empowered with a wealth of behavioral data that enables relevant, timely remarketing campaigns that ultimately increase engagement, enhance the online shopping experience and grow customer lifetime value.

    Jake Williams, One Stop
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