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What is Omnichannel? The True Definition

You have to feel bad for the terms “Omnichannel”, “Multichannel”, and “Big Data.” Back in the not too distant past these terms had real meaning; they were vibrant and descriptive. Today these terms are very similar to my two-year old at a cocktail party. While cute that they even show up, they wander aimlessly in… Read More

Big Data SR2

The Big Data SR2 platform is a solution used to power advanced communication and marketing automation needs. While it’s easy to get caught up in buzzwords like “Big Data” and “Omnichannel,” it is important to realize these are not answers, but merely tools that Smarter Remarketer can use to drive value to our customers. Your… Read More

Overheard at eTail

It’s been a few weeks since the eTail West conference in Palm Springs and we’ve finally been able to catch our breath! It was extremely beneficial to connect with attendees and share information about Smarter Remarketer. It was also insightful to hear about the challenges retailers are having across their sales channels, marketing efforts, and… Read More

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  • The key to our remarketing email campaign was delivering highly relevant and timely content to our customers, making it simple for them to reengage in the buying process. Smarter Remarketer provides a solution that works with our existing ESP and extends the capabilities of our Google Analytics to easily create customer segments based on virtually any interaction they have on our website.

    Mike Baranov, Footwear Etc.
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