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Battery Powered

Honored… an understatement. Thrilled… not strong enough. Mind-blowingly enthusiastic for a brighter future… yeah, getting there. As of this morning, the world knows that we are a Battery Ventures backed company. Having Battery Ventures lead our funding round certainly means a lot to our investors and helps fortify Indiana as a marketing tech hot spot… Read More

How Online Retailers Can Avoid the Naughty List This Year

We were so pleased to see two of our clients, eBags and Eddie Bauer, featured in an article in Direct Marketing News titled “Do Your Holiday Emails Land on the Naughty or Nice List?” eBags was included on the nice list for checking automated messages and making them relevant to the season, while Eddie Bauer… Read More

Ho-Ho-How is Your Audience Changing This Holiday? Part Two

In our last post, we explored how customers react differently based on seasonality. Today we explore what retailers can do to remain consumers’ top pick for a shopping destination no matter the season. Since it’s timely, we’ll use holiday season as an example. Customer engagement and visit quality are remarkably powerful tools for messaging and… Read More

Ho-Ho-How is Your Audience Changing This Holiday?

The term “seasonality” traditionally refers to a period of time. When marketers use the phrase, it’s meant to define a shift in your audience. For some retailers, this happens only during holidays. But for many, we can identify meaningful audience changes up to eight times per year. Our normal reaction to seasonality is at the… Read More

Maximize Your Margin

Retailers are constantly trying to find ways to maximize profits. But with savvy consumers and increasing competition, it can be a challenge. The good news is that remarketing is a way for retailers to spend a little and get a lot in return that comes not only in the form of dollar signs (and margin… Read More

The Importance of the Post-Purchase Thank You Email

Remember as a kid when your mom would quickly respond with, “what do you say?” after someone gave you a gift or a compliment? She wanted you to say “thank you.” And like so many things in life, mom was right. When it comes to online shopping, the post-purchase thank you is like sending a… Read More

Tracking Campaign Success in Google Analytics

An important part of any retailer’s email campaigns are the results, of course. In order to accurately discover how certain campaigns are performing, retailers should use consistent campaign codes across all online vehicles. That campaign code will allow you to track the success of an individual campaign from a holistic viewpoint, rather than viewing each… Read More

Behavioral Marketing for a Happier Holiday

Welcome to the countdown! Right now most of you have a holiday email marketing calendar that is white space free. Yeah, we all “batch and blast” and “spray and pray” email out the door during holiday. Why? It works; revenue doesn’t lie. Still, what if there could be more revenue? How about a few less… Read More

Summer Sale Success for Premium Jeans Retailer with Smarter Remarketer’s Behavioral Segmentation

Summer has come to a close and with the end of the season has come the end of many retailers' summer sales. Did your brand’s summer sale garner the results you were hoping for? Our client Onestop Internet provides web design and ecommerce technology to the retail apparel industry. Through its partnership with Smarter Remarketer,… Read More


What is Smarter Remarketer? Smarter Remarketer provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) Email Marketing automation and analysis suite that allows multi-channel retailers to bolster customer lifetime value by creating relevant and effective customer experiences. Request a demo to see Smarter Remarketer in action + Read More

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  • Smarter Remarketer immediately doubled the number of cart abandoners we were able to identify and reengage. The technology has paid for itself since day one, and we still have an endless amount of triggered campaigns to implement this year.

    Alessandra Souers, OneClick
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