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Your Job Title is Holding You Back

You are an email marketing rock star. Your mobile-optimized, dynamic, content-driven, highly segmented email marketing chops are legendary. Your ability to compile performance metrics from your ESP, web analytics vendor and in-box monitoring solution-du-jour will echo through the ages. You are a strategic deity whose bust will line the halls of email marketing Valhalla. So…… Read More

How Online Retailers Can Avoid the Naughty List This Year

We were so pleased to see two of our clients, eBags and Eddie Bauer, featured in an article in Direct Marketing News titled “Do Your Holiday Emails Land on the Naughty or Nice List?” eBags was included on the nice list for checking automated messages and making them relevant to the season, while Eddie Bauer… Read More

Ho-Ho-How is Your Audience Changing This Holiday? Part Two

In our last post, we explored how customers react differently based on seasonality. Today we explore what retailers can do to remain consumers’ top pick for a shopping destination no matter the season. Since it’s timely, we’ll use holiday season as an example. Customer engagement and visit quality are remarkably powerful tools for messaging and… Read More

Ho-Ho-How is Your Audience Changing This Holiday?

The term “seasonality” traditionally refers to a period of time. When marketers use the phrase, it’s meant to define a shift in your audience. For some retailers, this happens only during holidays. But for many, we can identify meaningful audience changes up to eight times per year. Our normal reaction to seasonality is at the… Read More

Maximize Your Margin

Retailers are constantly trying to find ways to maximize profits. But with savvy consumers and increasing competition, it can be a challenge. The good news is that remarketing is a way for retailers to spend a little and get a lot in return that comes not only in the form of dollar signs (and margin… Read More

The True Definition of Abandonment

The truth is, shopping cart abandonment can mean many things depending on who you ask.  At Smarter Remarketer, we believe we have the truest definition of abandonment: Anyone who doesn’t buy after browsing your retail website. It doesn’t matter when, why or how. Nor does it matter if the shopper carted an item and began… Read More

How Smarter Remarketer Can Help You Avoid Pavlovian Abandoners

Everyone loves a good deal. But let’s face it; some are willing to do more than others to cash in on a bargain. I, for example, will clip coupons, check newspapers and scour the Internet ahead of any grocery store trip. Some call me an extreme couponer; I call myself a smart shopper! When it… Read More

Real Analytics of Holiday

The Real Analytics of Holiday By: Jason Fordham It’s the most wonderful time of the year for children who made it onto Santa’s “good” list and for retailers who are chomping at the bit to cash in on well thought-out holiday remarketing campaigns. Before the dust has settled and the credit cards have all been… Read More

How to Keep Copy Clever

How to Keep Copy Clever in Abandoned Cart Emails By: Kelly Morales The primary goal of a shopping cart abandonment campaign is to complete the online transaction that was initiated by a visitor. As such, it can be considered a transactional message which often conjures up images of a boring, plain text email. But it… Read More

Blog Series: 5 Most Common Questions from Clients and Prospects, Part 3

Part 3: Is it really that easy to implement the Smarter Remarketer solution? In a word, absolutely! The process of implementing Smarter Remarketer is a lot simpler than many retailers might think. There are three basic steps: one, obtain product and category information; two, add our JavaScript to your existing analytics tags (Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics,… Read More

Blog Series: 5 Most Common Questions from Clients and Prospective Clients

For the next five weeks we’re going to tackle the five most common questions we receive from clients and prospects just becoming familiar with Smarter Remarketer. We hope this will give you a better understanding of our services and the positive impact good remarketing campaigns can have for any retailer. Part 1: How long after… Read More

Podcast: Success with Predictive Analytics with Smarter Remarketer’s Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Smarter Remarketer Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Dean Abbott is an internationally recognized predictive analytics expert. Data technology and analytics news website Data Informed recently asked Dean to discuss how companies can use website data to predict how customers will react to various marketing strategies. Some of the topics Dean explores are how companies are getting… Read More

Incorporating “who” into your strategy

The Basics are called “The Basics” for a reason… There is little doubt that remarketing emails work. Most retailers drive anywhere between 12% - 15% of overall sales through remarketing programs (my personal best was 50%...a tale best shared over a beer or two). One of the reasons I built Smarter Remarketer was the fact… Read More

Company Fact Sheet

Smarter Remarketer Company Fact Sheet Smarter Remarketer is a customer-centric marketing intelligence platform that enables retailers to create highly advanced, precisely targeted segments of visitors. The company's Big Data technology allows retailers to send triggered intelligence-driven communication to visitors through multiple channels in order to engage and drive sales. Smarter Remarketer's vendor-independent solution helps retailers… Read More


1. What is Smarter Remarketer? Smarter Remarketer was developed in early 2010 to leverage the power of behavioral data and to give retailers the ability to access and act on that data to better serve their customers and improve business performance. At Smarter Remarketer, we work with top 1,000 online retailers to build clear pictures… Read More

“Why” – The context of visitor abandonment

Right now, literally as you read this blog post, a triggered abandon campaign is emailing a great offer to someone who had problems using their preferred payment method during their previous website visit. Instead of recovering a transaction, that email is sending them back to the website to experience the same problem that drove them… Read More

Infographic: The CMO's New Definition of Abandonment

  Read More

About Us

What is Smarter Remarketer? Smarter Remarketer was launched in early 2010 to leverage the power of behavioral data and to give retailers the ability to access and act on that data to better serve their customers and improve business performance. Smarter Remarketer provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) email marketing automation and analysis suite that allows multi-channel… Read More

Better Results

What can Smarter Remarketer do for your online success? Drive incremental revenue through increased online sales. Provide a better customer experience by engaging visitors with timely and relevant information that’s based on any type of interaction they have with your brand online. Improve return on customer by engaging site visitors at the right time to… Read More

Smarter Solutions

Smarter Remarketer really is smarter. Here’s why: 1. WIDER SCOPE We reach further up the sales funnel to collect volumes of data from your website visitors, as well as from your order management system, email service provider (ESP), analytics packages, and other third party providers. And it’s not just the data we collect. It’s the… Read More

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  • We chose Smarter Remarketer because of the passion their entire team has for making  customer communication unique, personal and extremely relevant. The solution has been profitable for our company and we have appreciated the ease of use from a marketing and integration standpoint.

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