Wider Scope

We reach further up the sales funnel to collect volumes of data from your website visitors, as well as from your order management system, email service provider (ESP), analytics packages, and other third party providers. And it’s not just the data we collect. It’s the data we create.

No other tool digs as deeply as Smarter Remarketer. In fact, most of our clients are surprised by how much valuable data they had been missing. Plus, with Smarter Remarketer:

  • You own your data. It’s not held hostage by us or anyone else, so you can use it however (and whenever) you wish.
  • Beyond Analytics. Data is collected from numerous sources—more than with any traditional remarketing service. And you’re able to monitor data sources so you know which channels are working hardest for you.
  • New tools? No problem. Even if you decide to try a new Email Service Provider or another analytics package, everything that Smarter Remarketer has learned, stays put.

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