Deeper Knowledge

Information is nothing without analysis. So, we don’t simply accumulate customer data—we do more with it. Smarter Remarketer looks at the data from every conceivable angle in order to better predict segments that will perform for you.

The data we create is relevant and actionable. Abandonment causality, visitor engagement levels, and purchase probability to name a few. No other remarketing solution understands as much as Smarter Remarketer.

And over time, Smarter Remarketer only gets smarter. Our system “learns” your customers’ habits and traits in order to improve predictive capability. It’s also able to identify customers earlier so you can compile greater insights on individuals and segments alike.

For client Finish Line, Smarter Remarketer deployed an up-funnel non-carting category browser campaign, specifically engineered for the 2012 holiday season. This automated campaign created drip campaigns based on each unique visitors interaction with the brands most popular holiday categories. Finish Line experienced conversion rates 11 times higher than traditional campaigns and the Smarter Remarkter campaigns lead to 42% of all email revenue.

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