Smarter Case Studies

Finish Line

With Smarter Remarketer,  Finish Line was able to identifying non-purchasing customers who interacted with Finish Line’s rich online content and automatically triggering targeted emails to those visitors. Smarter Remarketer deployed an up-funnel non-carting category browser campaign. Specifically engineered for holiday, this automated campaign created drip campaigns based on each unique visitor’s interaction with a wide range of Finish Line’s most popular holiday categories. Read more about how they did it:

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  • Smarter Remarketer is beneficial for our clients regardless of industry because of their unique ability to identify and categorize shoppers up funnel. Our clients not only benefit from reaching a larger percentage of shoppers on their site, they are empowered with a wealth of behavioral data that enables relevant, timely remarketing campaigns that ultimately increase engagement, enhance the online shopping experience and grow customer lifetime value.

    Jake Williams, One Stop
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