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Limited by the massive amount of work needed to run customer reengagement campaigns in-house, Freshpair sought Smarter Remarketer to entice shopping cart abandoners to come back to the site to complete their purchase. Thrilled with the success of the shopping cart abandonment program, Freshpair wanted to take Smarter Remarketer’s reengagement programs to the next level by instituting post-purchase review solicitation campaigns, up funnel category browsed campaigns and more.

Finish Line


With Smarter Remarketer, Finish Line was able to identifying non-purchasing customers who interacted with Finish Line’s rich online content and automatically triggering targeted emails to those visitors. Smarter Remarketer deployed an up-funnel non-carting category browser campaign. Specifically engineered for holiday, this automated campaign created drip campaigns based on each unique visitor’s interaction with a wide range of Finish Line’s most popular holiday categories.

Footwear Etc.


Retailer Footwear etc. struggled to drive sales conversions among shoppers who showed interest in brands, products and even added items to their shopping cart, only to abandon. Utilizing the behavioral marketing program from Smarter Remarketer, Footwear etc. was able to uniquely engage with customers and increase conversion rates by 20% during the busy holiday season. Read more about how they did it.

Onestop Internet


To increase conversions for a premium denim brand during its annual summer sale, Onestop launched a targeted email campaign in which five different email messages were sent to an engaged subset of the brand’s online subscribers. Although the messages resulted in conversions, it was evident that the campaign was not performing at the level that Onestop anticipated. Read more about how they did it.

Exclusively Weddings


Smarter Remarketer worked with Exclusively Weddings to develop two drip email campaigns, one for abandoned carts and one for abandoners who left the purchase process during checkout. With the Smarter Remarketer solution, Exclusively Weddings doubled their abandon email revenue and enjoy a 15 percent conversion rate. Read more about how they did it.

One Click Ventures


One Click Ventures operates a diverse network of profitable ecommerce websites and sought a solution that would enable them to not only reengage abandoners with triggered, multi-stage follow-up email campaigns, but would also allow them to identify who their visitors were and why they left in the first place. One Click Ventures experienced impressive results from the revamped abandonment campaign including a open rate 51% and click rate 45%. Read more about how they did it.

Shoe Carnival


With the help of Smarter Remarketer, Shoe Carnival implemented several email campaigns touching visitors at various lifecycle stages with an appropriate message. Discrete campaigns were also generated during back-to-school season, Shoe Carnival’s busiest time of year next to holiday. Read more about how they did it.

Sky Mall


SkyMall saw a dramatic increase in sales for Cyber Week as a result of the category-based and checkout abandonment campaigns from Smarter Remarketer. Read more about how they did it.

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  • The key to our remarketing email campaign was delivering highly relevant and timely content to our customers, making it simple for them to reengage in the buying process. Smarter Remarketer provides a solution that works with our existing ESP and extends the capabilities of our Google Analytics to easily create customer segments based on virtually any interaction they have on our website.

    Mike Baranov, Footwear Etc.
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