Onestop Increases Shopper Revenue by 20 percent through Automated SmarterHQ Programs

Author: / On: March 26, 2015 / Categories: Customer Intelligence, General, Marketing Automation, News

Onestop provides customized end-to-end ecommerce solutions for retail brands to help bring their client’s multichannel retail visions to life using SmarterHQ as a key part of their overall marketing mix. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Cameron Hendrick, associate director of email and ecommerce marketing at Onestop, to discuss how their SmarterHQ-powered […]

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The Market Mandate for Personalization

Author: / On: March 24, 2015 / Categories: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Personalized

Customer personalization is a prominent force in today’s retail marketing industry. Retailers are now judged on their ability to create meaningful, positive interactions with consumers based on previous shopping habits, preferences and interests. However, while retailers understand the value of personalization, recent research suggests their efforts may not be living up to customer expectations. According […]

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Cross-Channel Marketing: Consistency vs Conversations

Author: / On: March 23, 2015 / Categories: Customer Intelligence, Email, Omnichannel

Providing a consistent message across marketing channels is important, but retailers today can no longer afford to stop there. The realities of a cluttered Internet and distracted mobile world require extra effort to attract and engage shoppers. Only by knowing their customers and shoppers without conditions can retailers ensure that their marketing messages land with […]

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SmarterHQ Names Ryan Cush New Vice President of Client Services

Author: / On: March 13, 2015 / Categories: General, News

Former Bazaarvoice executive joins leading retail customer intelligence platform INDIANAPOLIS (March 10, 2015) — SmarterHQ, the leading provider of customer intelligence for cross-channel retailers, today announces Ryan Cush as vice president of client services. Cush comes to SmarterHQ bringing more than 15 years of experience in client relations and leadership roles. Cush previously served in […]

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Three Ways Retailers Can Bring Service Back to Sales

Author: / On: March 5, 2015 / Categories: Behavioral Data, Customer Intelligence, Remarketing

We’ve heard it before, more people are making purchases online, and that trend is continuing to grow rapidly. ( Online shopping means that the way that people interact with your brand is changing. Shopping experiences have become less personal and that can lead to less brand loyalty over time. Because of this, retailers can experience […]

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Customer Intelligence: Understanding Your Customers Through Data

Author: / On: / Categories: Customer Intelligence, News

Long before digital marketing, marketers focused on the question of “who” someone was to a brand. The primary way to define “who” was through recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) analysis. Ironically, as marketers moved into the digital space, the basic concept of “who” was largely discarded, replaced by “what” (i.e. “What items did a shopper […]

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JustFab Increases Shopper Revenue 28% by tying Online and Offline Experiences

Author: / On: / Categories: General, News

SmarterHQ clients continue to be recognized for their industry-leading marketing programs! Just last week, JustFab was recognized at eTail West as a best-in-class finalist where their entry showcased a sneak peek into what the SmarterHQ platform is capable of delivering for retailers looking to complete conversations with customers through email, onsite or display. Using SmarterHQ, JustFab […]

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Finish Line’s Award-Winning Marketing Campaigns Powered by SmarterHQ

Author: / On: February 25, 2015 / Categories: eTail West, General, News

For the last several years, our clients have called the SmarterHQ platform their secret sauce to Smarter marketing. With the platform, they’ve been able to transform their marketing campaigns from basic batch-and-blast to personalized multi-channel messages. Their results are so good that the industry is taking notice and the secret sauce can no longer be […]

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Etail West 2015: Born from the Fires of Data Science

Author: / On: February 24, 2015 / Categories: eTail West, News

SmarterHQ is back from eTail West where we were able to introduce the new SmarterHQ platform. The new platform unites customer intelligence and cross-channel marketing and as one retail marketing executive put it – it’s something that marketers have wanted for years, but that no one could deliver … until now. No more unfulfilled industry […]

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