Smarter Remarketer FAQ

1. What is Smarter Remarketer?

Smarter Remarketer was developed in early 2010 to leverage the power of behavioral data and to give retailers the ability to access and act on that data to better serve their customers and improve business performance.

At Smarter Remarketer, we work with top 1,000 online retailers to build clear pictures of customers. So clear, in fact, that we enable you to sell more effectively than ever before. We do it by collecting, analyzing, and understanding disparate data from a myriad of sources, including your existing analytics tools.

2. What can Smarter Remarketer do for your online success?

  • Create discrete segments in minutes then match them to literally hundreds of campaign ideas, all proven to incrementally generate additional R.O.I.
  • Take advantage of advanced predictive modeling that defines “who” better than anyone in the market.
  • Tailor event triggers that learn as the segment grows.
  • Adapt triggered messaging as the “who” is continuously refined by machine learning.

3. Why Smarter Remarketer?

Smarter Remarketer offers services that increase revenue and gain customers. We really are smarter. Here’s why:

Wider Scope
We reach further up the sales funnel to collect volumes of data from your website visitors, as well as from your order management system, email service provider (ESP), analytics packages, and other third party providers. And it’s not just the data we collect. It’s the data we create.

“Smarter Remarketer allowed us to build upon specific interactions people had with our website, reaching back up the sales funnel through seeding. We were able to segment to people based on their individual behavior on the website, which has been extremely effective.”

-Mike Baranov, Footwear etc.

Deeper Understanding
The data we create is relevant and actionable. Abandonment causality, visitor engagement levels, and purchase probability to name a few. No other remarketing solution understands as much as Smarter Remarketer.

Clearer Picture
We make the data more meaningful by identifying who had what experiences, empowering the marketer to message and promote far more effectively.

Easier Use
Build the sophisticated segments you’ve always wanted with point and click ease. Best of all, we integrate seamlessly with most ESPs.

Better Results
Recover more lost transactions. Increase lifetime value. Bolster brand value. Increase conversions.

“Smarter Remarketer immediately doubled the number of cart abandoners we were able to identify and reengage. The technology has paid for itself since day one.”

-Alessandra Souers, OneClick

4. How does Smarter Remarketer work with Google Analytics?

Smarter Remarketer works with most web analytics technology, including Google Analytics–leveraging your campaign data, on-site data, product, category interactions, purchase data, even custom events in ways never before possible. We combine Google Analytics data with our own on-site “experience” collection script and models to provide industry leading remarketing with nothing special from your web analytics vendor—no API access, no additional “modules,” and no heavy lifting.

5. What are the supported email marketing platforms?

We extend the value of all top tier email service providers including:

  • Bronto
  • ExactTarget
  • BlueHornet
  • CheetahMail
  • Responsys
  • And many others (call for more information)

6. How will Smarter Remarketer work with my current ESP?

Smarter Remarketer is not an ESP; it is a service that makes your ESP more effective. The quality of the data you have to create sophisticated segments is going to be significantly more successful. Segments will be more refined, email content will be more relevant and ROI will be through the roof. Smarter Remarketer will work regardless of if you switch ESPs in the future.

7. How easy is it to get started with Smarter Remarketer?

A single line of javascript is all you need (really, it’s that simple)! Your ESP + product feed + our single line of java script = Your Smarter Remarketing platform.

8. How will you help me?

Each client has a dedicated account team to help you maximize the value of Smarter Remarketer.

9. How can I get Smarter Remarketer working for me?

Contact the sales team with any pricing questions or to learn more about what Smarter Remarketer can do for your business.


10. Where is Smarter Remarketer located?

9102 N. Meridian St.
Suite 415
Indianapolis, IN 46260