About Smarter Remarketer

What is Smarter Remarketer?

Smarter Remarketer was launched in early 2010 to leverage the power of behavioral data and to give retailers the ability to access and act on that data to better serve their customers and improve business performance.

Smarter Remarketer provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) email marketing automation and analysis suite that allows multi-channel retailers to bolster customer lifetime value by creating relevant and effective customer experiences. It is not an ESP; it’s a service that makes your ESP more effective. Leveraging powerful behavioral, transactional and demographic data combined with sophisticated machine learning, Smarter Remarketer helps retailers engage and reengage visitors through more targeted cross-channel messaging via email and other media. The value provided to retailers is focused on driving incremental revenue and return on customer and marketing spend optimization. This allows them to sell more products and attract and retain more customers, more frequently, at a lower over-all cost.

Smarter Remarketer’s suite of data analysis and remarketing applications is built on the company’s highly-scalable and flexible multi-tenant SaaS platform. Providing automation and data management tools in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use solution, Smarter Remarketer empowers online retailers to manage, automate and execute effective remarketing campaigns that:

  • Drive incremental revenue through increased online sales.
  • Provide a better customer experience by engaging visitors with timely and relevant information that’s based on any type of interaction they have with your brand online.
  • Improve return on customer by engaging site visitors at the right time to solicit the next transaction, while ensuring the subsequent transaction is not abandoned.

Additionally, Smarter Remarketer’s robust integration framework enables clients to integrate data from any leading third-party web analytics providers to further extend the capabilities of their remarketing communications. The company also works with Google Analytics–leveraging clients’ campaign data, on-site data, product, category interactions, purchase data, even custom events in ways never before possible. Smarter Remarketer combines Google Analytics data with the company’s own on-site “experience” collection script and models to provide industry leading remarketing with nothing special from the client’s web analytics vendor—no API access, no additional “modules,” and no heavy lifting.

Smarter Remarketer powers marketing automation and analysis for top 1,000 online retailers. Clients using Smarter Remarketer to power their remarketing efforts include One Click Ventures, Footwear etc., MindWare, 7 For All Mankind, Woodcraft, Chaparral Motorsports, Natural Wellbeing, Hudson, True Religion, Spy, Sunglass Warehouse, Pet Wellbeing, Reading Glasses Shopper, Just Fabulous, and more.