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What is Smarter Remarketer?

Smarter Remarketer provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) Email Marketing automation and analysis suite that allows multi-channel retailers to bolster customer lifetime value by creating relevant and effective customer experiences.

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  • The key to our remarketing email campaign was delivering highly relevant and timely content to our customers, making it simple for them to reengage in the buying process. Smarter Remarketer provides a solution that works with our existing ESP and extends the capabilities of our Google Analytics to easily create customer segments based on virtually any interaction they have on our website.

    Mike Baranov, Footwear Etc.
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  • Wider Scope

    Collect data from your website visitors, order management system, ESP, and more.

  • Deeper Knowledge

    Relevant and actionable data—No other solution understands as much as we do.

  • Clearer Picture

    Identify who had what experiences, so you can message and promote more effectively.

  • Easier Use

    Build sophisticated segments with point and click ease. Integrate seamlessly with most ESPs.

  • Better Results

    Recover more transactions. Increase lifetime value. Bolster brand value. Increase conversions.

    • Any ESP

      Turn key integration with any ESP or web analytics tool. And did we mention our intuitive drag-and-drop interface? Build segments in seconds.

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    • IT Free

      Our customers drive 10-20% increases in online sales, not to mention more satisfied customers – without having to rely on IT to help them build and execute on their vision.

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    • Any Analytics

      We can do cart abandon campaigns, but we’re so much more. Identify customers by latency, basket value, categories viewed, referral source, zipcode, and more. Unlock the power of your data.

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    • Your Data is Yours

      Imagine having access to every shred of visitor activity on your site. No more restrictive APIs and Web Services. Enjoy unrestricted access to your on-site behavioral data. Import, export, mine it, and more. It's yours!

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